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Labor of Love

I added sled training to my program in the spring of 2022 and it quickly became a favorite strength exercise. I have found it to be fantastic for my physique, overall strength, cardio and mental health. There is simply nothing else that hits all four of these elements at once. After pushing a heavy sled in the morning, everything else the day brings seems easy.

The Sled on the Blog…

Oh, What the Hell

I wasn’t planning on pushing this load today, but it was one of the those “oh what the hell” moments. I was at the end of a heavy workout and actually done with my sets. But I knew I had more in me, and I knew I could go a little bit heavier too…

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The Sled Delivers Big Changes

The sled came at a time when I was hungry for change. I needed something to zap that lingering sense of limbo created by a pandemic that never officially ended and a long winter that also seemed never-ending. I wasn’t interested in returning to “normal”, as many people desire, as much as I was longing for something new and palpably different…

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Changing Seasons

Whispers of fall can already be heard here in Michigan. We’ve had some cooler days and leaves are dropping to the ground. Other changes are brewing for me as well, as Charlie is clearly in his final chapter of life. With these looming changes, I tried something new with Rocky today…

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Rain or Shine

It was pouring down rain today, which makes the sled harder to push. The wet ground creates more resistance and also makes foot traction more difficult. It kicked my ass but was so much fun! ❤️

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